Projector Vein Check

The R B INCORPORATION helps to perform blood draws by projecting a map of the peripheral veins on the skin. Remember, there is no substitute for a trained practitioner’s experience, but the R B INCORPORATION can help simplify the task of locating the point of needle placement. The R B INCORPORATION is so simple to use that it will become an indispensable tool, particularly for patients with difficult venous access (DVA). The simple instructions for utilizing the R B INCORPORATION vein finder are detailed below.

Blood Draw Procedure

Apply a tourniquet above the intended puncture site.

  • Press the blue button on the side of the R B INCORPORATION to turn on the vein display light.
  • Hold the device over the surface of the skin making sure the vein display light is centered directly above the vein’s centerline. Do not move or rotate the device to either side of the vein. This will offset the projected vein from its true location beneath the skin. You can then often enhance display quality by adjusting the height and angle slightly, in particular by moving the device closer or further from the skin to help bring additional veins into view.
  • After assessing the patient’s vasculature, confirm vein location and suitability using traditional techniques (such as palpation) and professional judgment.
  • If you are performing venipuncture, hand the device to an assistant so both of your hands remain free to perform the procedure. You can also use an optional hands-free stand.
  • Once blood flow is established and the tourniquet released, the R B INCORPORATION’s work is done!

    For more information about making blood draw procedures easier with the Medisoruce, contact us at or fill out the information in the inquiry in contact us page and you will receive a call back from an R B INCORPORATION representative.

    Note: The R B INCORPORATION vein finder should only be used by qualified medical professionals and only in conjunction with appropriate visual and tactile vein assessment techniques. R B INCORPORATION does not recommend that the device be held by a practitioner when performing a venipuncture. Please see the user manual for additional important details on operating and positioning.