Domestic Resellers Program

Standard Terms & Conditions:-

Domestic Channel Partners (India)

  •  Regular Pack Offers Are only Issued to register And Authorized Channel Partners of R B INCORPORATION Replacement Warranty is issued to Registered Channel Partners Only With prescribes Criteria.
  • Any inquiry Direct or Indirect from Website or Any Channel of R B INCORPORATION’S Connections Will Be Compulsory Forwarded from Company to Exclusive & Authorized Partners.
  • Issued Authority to any channel partner for specific territory is only business area to follow for specific channel partner. You are not liable to sale in other territory unless and until Official representative of R B INCORPORATION” Authorize you in written or via email.
  • Any Product Is Not Tempered or Opened Until service department of R B INCORPORATION Authorizes Else Warranty Claim Will be Void as Standard.
  • Any Duplicity If Found in Your Respective Territory Which is same or Some Body Tempered the Product and Re-Manufactured and Mal Practices Notice by Channel Partner Has to Inform Company Officials.
  • As Per Market Demand You Need To Keep Stock It Varies From Region To Region Or City To City. Minimum of Pack of 10 Pieces We Recommend. Price list Given Is Issued Separately. Pack Offers Are not given to registered Dealers and Unethical Practitioners.
  •  New Product Release Is Always Informed Prior To Register Distributors Before Release. Any terms Change or Particulars in Invoice Change Is Subject Internal Convenience of Billing department and will not be intimated prior unless and until its serious or urgent matter.
  • Any Unit Found Faulty Keep In Stock And Send Back When You Feel Freight Charge Doesn’t Cost Much For Replacement Procedures. Usually it’s Take 2-3 Working Days for Replacement Procedures.
  • Order Processed Usually takes 3-4 working Days but we assure usually On Same Day Clearance for faster Procedures.
  • Authorization Declaration Will Be Issued Against First Order Processed.


 Termination/Cancellation Of exclusivity: -

  • At Any Point of Time If You Or Company Wish To Close Exclusivity Of product Brand Representation Then Email or on letterhead Request Is Compulsory before 30 days Notice Period At Companies Accounts Department.
  • Any Commitment Void Is Monthly Purchase Cycle from Any Channel Partner Automatically Voids Exclusivity for Region without Prior Notification. It Will Be Intimated System Generated Email from Accounts Department.


International Channel Partners (Excluded India)

Order processed has some certain value goods which can order with purchased goods. For that you need to contact to your relevant sales personnel of the company.

Any goods sold by the company has any technical fault found after buyer receives the goods virtually service support will be provided by the company in first level of communications

In second level its buyers responsibility to send goods back at their own cost for technical evaluation of goods purchased.

Company doesn’t pay for any Freight services for any service related queries.

All the devices are tested and performed quality check and compliance department before shipment is booked from our logistics department.

Order processing is always first in First out Method. Usually throughout the year we have Order Queue system for high value goods

We can match the price because we work On Low labor cost and low man power with highly optimistic vision for best in class quality In Manufacturing Of medical Devices.

We don’t support for any type of customs Support or Clearing Type of Work at buyer’s country. It’s Buyer responsibility to let us know about any specific requirement to country specific requirement of customs Department in documents Preparation. We May Help but We May Support.

Order cancellation Policy

If cancelled within 30 days then 25% of order value will be debited

If cancelled within 90 Days and more than 31 days then 50% of order value will be debited

If cancelled within 180 days and more than 91 days then 75% of order value will be debited

More than 181 days order cannot be cancelled in standard

Cancellation order goods are evaluated once arrived to companies premises and if found as it is then no other charges will be debited, and if found any fault outside the

premises of Company location then order cancellation process may not take place in case

Payment for order cancellation will be refunded within 90 days of goods returned back to company’s premises and evaluation process by technical team.

Order process in any offer or freight free offers will be charged actual price of freight and other statutory charges at order cancellation process

Sample purchased on complimentary with other goods is not chargeable, but if ordered goods at any reasons is cancelled in order or returned back to the company then Complimentary goods will be charged at regular MRP Prices to Channel Partners

Frequently Asked Questions: -


  1. How Can I Make the Payment for My Order Processing?
  • Payment Are Compulsorily Within Companies Bank Details as Mentioned in Performa Invoice Sent to You by Operations Department or Email Confirmations from Sales Department to You.
  1. Can I Purchase Pack If I Am Freelancer Distributor or Reseller?
  • Depends on territory you are based in.if we don’t have register channel partner in territory then you can buy.
  1. Can I Get One Piece as Sample at Pack Price I Will Buy More After Evaluation Of product?
  • Yes. But it will be at regular prices for retail orders. At the Time of Your Pack Order Processing or Next Order After Your Evaluation We Will Add Discounts Whatever Are Applicable at That Time. After evaluation within 10 days your pack orders need to get process to eligible further discounts.
  1. Can We Sell on Our Brand Name in Our Territory?
  • You can Sell with Prior Written permission from Operations & Sales Department. Without Permission, any product Sold on Third Party Brand Name is not liable for warranty.
  1. How fast I will get reply what is standard time for receiving answers for query

from company?

As in standard response down time is 24 hours. If you don’t get reply from any department or responsible department heads for your query raise complain through webform on website.