Always First To launch Services with Affordable Economy for Patient Care and Medical

20 th April 2017
Rreleased application on google play store under name of "medisouce jaundice meter" for customers education on
  transcutaneous method for infant’s jaundice measurements.

26 th August 2016
Any Special Offer Week Will Not Charge Online shipping charges In Offer Weeks Declare From

31 st August 2016
 Vein Finder Device Under Brand Name Medisource App Has Been release On Google play for android
user and apple IOS Platform by Company for Health and education on veni puncture device

01 st August 2016
RB 1007 Released with research partnership With Bio Engineering Students of L D Engineering College
in Ahmadabad for New Research Projects and Testing On medical Device with Vision of New product
AIM to release for patient care and safety

09 th November 2016
Received GMP Good Manufacturing practices by company and certified surveys and evaluations by
Deutsche accreditation board

06 th August 2016
Received ISO 13485 2003 Quality management systems Certified From Germany registered Deutsche
Accreditation Board

24 th June 2016
Received ISO 9001 2008 Quality Management Systems Certified and Inspected by American National
Institute of Standards for manufacturing devices

04 th September 2014
First To Launch Cash On delivery Via new portal for Indian clients for hassle free
order processing

06 th March 2012
Released New portal for paypal order processing for buyers globally

20 th May 2010
Released Online portal For International buyers to Buy Online through credit card
and debit card with merchant online.

04 th April 2009
Release Open Manufacturing Policy for OEM pharmaceutical company to make On Their Logo And
Brand Name In India For Multiple Company depending On Production Quantity

01 st August 2008
Release First Super torch Vein finder device in India For IV Cannulation Difficulty