Order Refund and Cancellation

For Online orders via credit card/debit card/net banking & Cash on Delivery

01.) Can I cancel order once processed online?

If ordered via cash on delivery then you can cancel within 6 hours of order processing confirmation you received

02.)  how to return shipment if I had ordered?

You can send in any mode Of Courier. Once you send goods please share your detail on

email to support@rbincorporation.in

03.) When I will get my refund for material dispatch to the company back and inform with tracking Details of return shipment?

        Once material is shipped back it is received by logistics department and sent to service    department for further evaluation and it depends on their report submitted to accounts department. You can check more details with india@rbincorporation.in in this case.

04.) Can I use return shipment with company’s carrier freight account for order cancellation?

No. unless and until it’s approves by sales team on written email or on company’s letterhead buyer is not liable to use company’s freight account for same. Usually product price above 50,000/- INR is eligible for reverse pickup by company.

05.) If mistake I had already used companies freight account to return shipment what will happen Further?

In this case whatever freight charges will be applicable in standard by freight partner will be debited from refund amount in case of cancellation of order.

06.) Do I have to attach any documents while returning shipment?

 Yes, you have to attach documents with returning shipment in cancellation of order.

07.) Which documents do I need to attach with returning shipment?

 If it’s in order cancellation process you need to attach your invoice copy self-attested or seal of your clinic/Company name with delivery details & description of details on your letterhead with reason of order cancellation. If it’s for service-related queries then you just have to enclosed your purchase invoice and, on your letterhead, stating issue with device and serial number mentioned in warranty card when you receive the material


08.) While returning shipment what things in documents do, I need to be careful?

You need to give detail clarification on your letterhead for purpose of purchase and reason for goods return. (Subject to Indian customs requirement) You have to enclose original invoice copy/Packing list/Airway bill details along with that with value evidence clarification with proof of payment made.

09.) Is there any charge of customs in India on return goods? If it is then do, we have to pay for That?

 It depends on documents enclosed with shipments. We recommend buyers to check documents and details with Indian customs website as it has frequently changed on case to case basis. If import duty is charged by customs then it would be debited from the amount refunds by accounts in order cancellation case.

10.)If any document related help require for clearance in Indian customs from company where we Have to contact?

 For any related issues with customs always contact our export department on Support@rbincorporation.in for best possible solutions and support within policy