Pencil Vein Finder

Pencil Vein Finder

Brand : Vein Check
Model Name : GP1005
Battery : Inbuilt Battery Tubular
Type of Battery : Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
Power Source : 9 Volt
Use : Pediatric,Infant & Adult palm Patients Upper Arm/Elbow/wrist and palm Veins Can Be Accessible on adult
patients subject to medical practitioners expereince.
Metal Type : Sleek ABS Plastic
Switch : ON/OFF
LED Type : Infrared Cold Light Source 800 NM Wavelength
LED Life Sell : 30,000 Hours

Product Features :

  • Small in size, light in weight, easy to carry;
  • Adjustable light, wide application range
  • Sensitive switch, safe and power saving;
  • Fit human body engineering, more comfortable grip.

Applications :

Hospitals/NICU/ICU/PICU/ICCU ,Medical Clinics, Laboratories,Pathologist

Method Of Operation :

  • Turn on the rotary switch
  • Hold The Light bulb with the vein check is sending light.
  • Rotate the rotary switch,adjust the strength of light,the veins are visible(more dark than other tissues)
  • After vein puncture,turn off the rotary switch