Projector Vein Check System

Projector Vein Check System

Brand : Vein Check
Model Name : GP105/ GP105A/GP105B/GP105C/GP105D
Type : Projector vein check systems Intensity Control : Yes Multi color : Yes ( Red /Green/Blue & white) Optional : Stand /Inbuilt rechargeable stand with battery socket Optional : Enhancer Prevent into the liquid level : IPX0
Active radiation contains wave length light : 750nm~980nm
Product Size :80x75x16 mm
Net weight : 0.28±0.02kg
Service Voltage : d.c. 3.0 V~4.2 V
Gross Weight : 1.5kg
Light projection : 300lux~1000lux
Effective positive projection distance : 29 cm~31 cm
Model Name : GP105
Electrical source : lithium ion polymer batteries Packing Size : 22*26*30 cm
Packing Size : 22*26*30 cm

It Detects Subcutaneous Superficial Veins By Infrared Light Projection With Research And Development Of Patented Technology, Displaying Suite Image On The Surface Of The Skin in order To Help Medical Staff To Check Vasculars Orientation & Distribution

  • Innovation and patent product, widely used in clinics or hospitals for nurses IV Phlebotomy. Especially suitable for baby children or obesity patients
  • Image performance optimization, adjustable brightness, high accurate, Widest opening for easier access. Deepest focus of any portable Vein light device
  • Two kinds of imaging modes, blue & white, red & green one-click switching freely
  • Medical cold light, safe for your eyes; Sleep function, operate comfortablily
  • Portable & Handheld, Elegant design, easy to carry.

Principle of Technology :

  • Projector technology advantages of multi spectral imaging principles and the intrinsic optical properties of skin to produce enhanced images of veins; it does so by boosting oxy-hemoglobin/de-oxyhemoglobin absorption contrast and reducing the contribution of superficially-scattered and spectacularly-reflected light to the overall image.
  • Different colors of light penetrate to different depths within the skin. By removing the signal from superficial layers of the skin, we can more easily see deeper structures.

Product Features :

  • Two Kinds Of Imaging Modes:-Blue & White,Red & Green
  • Once Clicking Switching Freely
  • Image performance Optimization,Adjustable Brightness,High Accurate
  • Medical Cool Light,Safe For Your Eyes
  • Sleep Function,More Comfortable Operation
  • Elegant Design, Easy To carry

Product Function :

  • It Assists medical Staff To Locate And Find Patient’s Vascular Quickly And Accurately During venous Transfusion. It Can Increase The Success rate Of veni-puncture , Relieve Nurse’s Work Pressure & Reduce The Pain In guessing Punctures Region.