Service Scheule

For Direct Buyers:-

01.) For Service and other queries do I directly have to contact to departments?

  • No you have To Send Your Query to webform on “contact us” page or on support@rbincorporation.inIt Will Be sent to respective department by opening Your Case ID.

02.) How I will be intimated For My Case ID?

  • Once your email is received it will be evaluated and then processed and you will receive acknowledgement of your case ID via Email Notification within 24 Hour of Turnaround Time.

03.) How much time it takes for getting me equipment repair or status of equipment working?

  • Usually within 2 business days you will receive confirmation and status of equipment for estimates and repair status for Indian customers and for international buyers it takes 5 business days.
  • Time delay depends on shipment arrives to service department at companies premises are excluded in above statement

04.) Do I get replacement of the equipment?

  • It depends on equipment or device evaluation by technical team. If it’s manufacturing defect then within 48 hours buyer will be notified via email for replacement confirmation of the device.

05.) How service team evaluated devices?

  • We have standard calibration tools for all equipment design/modified and produce at our premises to evaluate

06.) Can we get certificate of performance of the product if we require?

  • Yes you can get certificate of product performance with international standard calibration we nominal fees. For more details contact to

07.) Do I have to pay for courier sent for equipment repair or services?

  • Yes. Equipment send to factory for repair check or evaluation will be at buyer’s expense either it’s covered under warranty or it’s out of warranty In case

08.) Being international buyer how would I receive equipment back once I receive confirmation   On email about status of equipments technical status clearance?

  • If it’s repaired then with agreed repair estimates and freight charge payment copy shipment will be dispatch.
  • If evaluation or normal technical issues for Indian buyers it will be re shipped (For Indian buyers its free of cost, for international buyer it adds up with freight cost)

09.) Do I need to send any document while sending for service or repair or replacement of device?

  • Yes, you have to enclosed invoice, warranty card and user manual for internal team reference to track material history.

10.) I had purchased device from local seller how to get it repair?

  • You need to contact your local channel partner for further service procedures

11.) My local reseller is no longer with company?

  • In this case you can drop your details on for further support.or you can reach us via webform on “contact us” with your concern. We will surely help best possible way reasonably.