Super Torch Vein Finder

Super Torch Vein Finder

Brand : Vein Check
Model Name : GP104/GP1004
Battery : Inbuilt Battery Tubular
Type of Battery : Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
Power Source : 9 Volt
Use : Pediatric & Infant Patients Upper Arm/Elbow/wrist and palm Veins Can Be Accessible on adult patients subject to medical practitioners expereince.
Metal Type : Aluminium body
Switch : ON/OFF
LED Type : Infrared Cold Light Source 800 NM Wavelength
LED Life Sell : 30,000 Hours

Super torch & Torch FAQ

#1 Vein Finder Device Original Manufacturer Company

Product can be work at 30000 hours continuously

Battery works great unless until if over charged by user.9V Battery has good life shelf.

Use USB Flat charging adapter provided with device. You can also use with any android charge or USB Cable.

It continuously operated for 3.5 Hours Once charged. But we have several clients charging once in a month because taking IV Cannulation and finding vein by device hardly takes 30 seconds for user.Keep charging for 15 minutes.

Its High Penetration deep red Infrared Light with Certain Standard Angle of Light Emission as Per many research papers published from oxford medical sciences and many reputed medical universities worldwide.

Yes, It Works for 30000 Hours which probably takes Many Years If You use daily for 8 hours continuously operated.

No This Is Cold Light Source It Does Not heat.

It is used for pediatric and new born babies. Few customer has good experience using in diagnostic laboratories.

In infants and pediatric case if you keep in dorsal side on lateral side you can view veins clearly

Medial Subcutaneous Peripheral & Cubital veins Are Easily Accessible by This Device. It is also used Taking PLC Line in pediatric and infant patients.

Yes, Any Age Of dialysis & Cancer Patients Can Be Used This Device will be helpful. Take recommendation from your medical practioners to understand use of this product.

You can buy online from

It Comes with 1 Year Standard Warranty for international buyers.and 6 Months for domestic buyers.

This Device Covers 10 mm depth From Skin Surface.

After 5 years Usage If You Feel Charging issue then contact to service department for technical solution.

If you have further query then email on or you can reach us via webform from “ Contact Us” Page